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Information Technology has evolved beyond the traditional server/pc model. Not only is IT about your computer, but it touches your mobile devices, telephones, marketing, business processes and all business communication. IT has become an integral part of your business. Try to imagine you business without technology and you'll quickly see the critical role IT plays in every part of your business.

Businesses that succeed treat IT as an integral part of their business. IT is everywhere and it is time to utilize its power to propel your business forward.



Cloud Services

Cloud Storage

$10 a month per person for 1TB of storage.

Give your entire team access to all of their files from anywhere on any device. A local copy of your data is kept on your computer for fast access while you are offline. We can gradually move your data off your server into the cloud, allowing people to access their files the way they want. No dramatic changes needed.

Cloud Backup

$50 a month per device for unlimited storage.

Still have files stored on a local server? Backup all that data regardless of how much data you have. No storage limits, no speed limits and no restrictions. All of your data is continuously backed up to our secure cloud service. All files are encrypted before they leave your server ensuring privacy. Easily restore any data from the desktop app. No IT help needed.

Cloud Exchange

$5 a month per mailbox with 50GB of storage.

Upgrade your current antiquated email service or get rid of your expensive in-house Exchange server. Never pay for email maintenance, upgrades, patches and support for email again. Share calendars, tasks, contacts with everyone in your organization. Save money and still enjoy all the benefits Microsoft Exchange server provides.

Remote Apps

Traditional business programs like quickbooks, that require an in house server can now be run from inside the cloud. You can now access your business critical programs from anywhere - No office or server needed.

Virtual Desktop

Kick both your server and PC to the curb and use a virtual desktop to run all of your normal business apps from anywhere on any device. No need to upg-rade your programs, just upgrade how to access them.


IT Business Consulting

Technology was built for business. With the correct application of technology your business can be more profitable and require less time. We work with many companies and we know what works and what doesn't. A sales guy does not have to support what he sells, we do. Give experience a try.



Help Desk

Unlimited help desk computer support for all of your employees at a flat monthly rate. Never worry again about unknown tech support bills. Put our highly skilled computer engineers to work for your company. We are located right here in Utah and understand the unique challenges your company and employees face working with computers.