1. Open Mac Mail and select File then Add Account. On the next screen enter in your Full Name, entire Email Address, Password and click Continue.
  2. Enter your Name, Full Email address and your password
  3. Enter the following information into the fields below:
    • Account Type - Select Exchange 2007 if you're Snow Leopard or Exchange if you're on Lion (Mac Mail has not updated their Account type options for Exchange 2010 yet). Description - Enter in a descriptive name of your choice for your mail account (e.g., Work Mail).
    • Incoming mail server - In the Server address field implement the following: exchange.frontpoint-it.com
    • User Name - Enter in your entire email address (e.g., myname@example.com)
    • Password - Enter in the password associated with the email account you are setting up.
  4. Click the Continue button, check the Take Account Online Box and then click the Create button. Your account will then connect and mail data will begin to populate into your inbox.