Office 365 Deployment

Tired of paying for Microsoft Office? Tired of paying for the upkeep and maintenance of your servers in house? We have a comprehensive Cloud Services plan to move your business to the cloud. We can help you have access to your files, programs, email, everything in the office or away from the office. Contact us today to find out how we can revolutionize your business and ready you for the future. 

Office 365 Migration

When you decide to make the move into the cloud, we can help bring you up to speed. Migrating your business from in house servers to the cloud is no small undertaking. You are going to need a team of experts to help plan, organize, and execute your migration to keep the impact on your business to a minimum. We can help you move your data, email, and applications into the cloud. With our help you and your employees will be able to access there files from anywhere, on any device. Imaging a workforce that is no longer tied to their desk, or the office. 

Office 365 Administration 

Once your business is in the cloud, we can help with administering your Office 365 subscription. We can help keep track of licensed users, mailboxes, access permissions, and much more.