The Benefits of a Virtual Desktop

The benefits of working over the cloud have extended even further through Desktop as a Service (Daas), or otherwise known as Virtual Desktops. Frontpoint IT support Utah provides small business owners with the ease-of-use of virtual desktops through the mobility and cost effectiveness of the cloud. Here are some benefits to virtual desktops, where your small business can host desktops from a central server through Frontpoint:

Reduces costs

Using virtual desktops that are hosted on the cloud can save your small business a significant amount of money. Virtual desktops will extend the life of existing desktops and reduce the cost of other high-end devices that are needed in your office by eliminating the need for unnecessary server equipment, thus saving your business up to 50% of operating expenses. 

Desktop Control

Frontpoint IT virtual cloud services allow you and your business to have full control over your hosted virtual desktop in many ways. Your virtual desktop can be modified directly by you however you want. Because the data is store centrally through the cloud with an active directory, your company can control and access data with ease.


Automatic Updates and Patch Management

The model of a virtual desktop allows for server administrators to activate updates and patches to a number of machines at once, versus having to patch and update individual machines.


Increased Security

As a part of the cloud, a virtual desktop provides multiple layers of security. When you choose Frontpoint IT for business IT support, you will enjoy the benefit of secure and frequent backups of all your data, ensuring that no files are ever lost.


Simplify Desktop and Application Management

Using a virtual desktop will offer your small business more flexibility when it comes to installing new software or applications. Through a centralized management platform on the cloud, administrators can respond more quickly to software updates. 

Jeremy Wright