5 Common Tech Questions and Answers

How Can I Expand My Wi-Fi Signal?
Whether your house is small or large, several stories or one, sometimes a W-Fi signal won’t reach to far ends of a home.
Your first solution to this problem should be to try moving the router. The higher you put it, the more likely the signal can act as a sort of “balloon”signal over the house. Keep the router away from wireless phones, microwave ovens, washers, dryers, and large CD collections.
You can also invest in a large external antenna that are very easy to set up. A range booster might also help, but these can be difficult to set up, as you have to plug them directly into a PC so you can change any Wi-Fi settings. You then need to find a location for it on the outskirts of your router’s range and near an AC outlet. 

Is TV Burn-In An Actual Problem?
The answer to this is, “yes,” especially for plasma and CRT setups. A static image that stays on the screen for too long can burn into the screen and stay there,sometimes permanently. If a part of the screen goes unused for an extended period of time, the outline of the black bars that your set uses to frame the image could remain there for good. 
If you own a plasma TV, you may want to restrict the amount of time you spend watching stations that have permanent logos or ticket tapes, or avoid watching in 4:3 mode. You can also try switching from the black bars to the TV’s gray bar option to prevent drastic TV burn-in. 
To best avoid burn-in, lower the set’s brightness and contrast once you get the television. 

How Do I Keep My Laptop Battery Healthy?
There is a lot of confusion over how laptop batteries work and if you should drain your battery completely before charging it, or keep it between 40% and80% all of the time to make it last longer. The truth is, the best way to maintain battery health is to perform shallow discharges, keep them cool, and do not leave them plugged in once they charge to 100%. Don’t stress too much about your battery life, as your efforts will only go so far on a battery that doesn’t have an infinite life. 

Is Public Wi-Fi Safe?

Sure,it’s always nice to find free, public Wi-Fi when you’re out and about, but public networks do have problems, one of the biggest ones being low security. Even if the network requires a password, it doesn’t mean that it will keep you safe from other people in the network. It’s easy for other users to see what you’re doing and makes it possible too steal personal information or passwords. 

Should I Turn Off My PC At Night?
When you leave your PC on overnight, it allows your system to scan for viruses and back up data and updates while you sleep, which helps you avoid manually doing it in the morning. However, shutting your computer down saves power. Afresh restart each day will also help keep the errors away as overnight,Windows can tend to build up excess junk and problems as it runs unused. 
One alternative to complete shut down is to set your PC in hibernation mode,which won’t get rid of any clutter but will save as much power as shutting down the PC. You can also put the PC in sleep mode, or Standby, which will save some power, but not as much as hibernation does. 

Jeremy Wright